Following a long love affair with the sea: working as a marine biologist, sailing and diving around the world I wanted to return to being creative and practical.  So in 2007 I attended a top furniture making school run by the designer maker David Savage.   The course was a great combination of creative design and the finest practical skills, within a very inspiring environment.  After working in two Devon workshops, I am now settled with a young family in the beautiful county of Norfolk.  My furniture is typified by clean lines, fine proportions, and attention to detail.  Often the play of light is exploited to entice the viewer to explore the furniture, and for this reason the tactile nature of the pieces is important so that they appeal to the sense of touch as well as sight.  My work has shifted into bespoke cabinetry alongside the freestanding pieces, and I enjoy working with a client to make the best use of space to create useful, aesthetically pleasing furniture